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To me, there is nothing better than having a theory be backed by research and science!

In the book, The How of Happiness, Sonja Lyubomirsky gives us a formula for just how easy it is to formulate our own happiness.

Why is this important? She dives deep into the research that has been performed all over the world for decades supporting how happiness allows us to truly thrive in our lives and in our businesses – life does get better and can be better! It all starts with feeling good and being happy.

HOW do we find TRUE happiness in our life and business???

1.Express gratitude

2.Don’t sweat the small stuff (AKA: overthinking)

3.Practice kindness and generosity

4.Nurture relationships (value, admiration, shared desires, and goals)

5.Adopt health habits (or remove the temptation)

6.Develop coping strategies

7.Forgive and accept forgiveness

8.Live in the present moment (your attention IS your experience)

9.Adopt new values

10.Let the world see the light within you – let is shine!



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