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CREATING yourself… not finding yourself (you’re already here)

Last week the US talked about hero’s…. bottom line up front, YOU are your own HERO, and it’s an honor to be someone else’s.

Check out Darren Hardy’s message this week and let us know how you are creating yourself, molding the HERO in you! Can’t wait.

A Dangerous Belief we Have to Abolish! with Darren Hardy – Success Mentor

Here are some questions to answer for yourself this week:

Are you happy with the company you keep?  Yourself! Why and/or why not? 

Where do you find your inspiration? What brings you joy and fulfillment in your life and work? 

What are you creating in yourself or in your life right now? 

What can you do more of to live in your purpose? What does your “THERE” look like and why is it important to you?

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