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Meeting people where they are…


What does that mean??? Bridging the gap between your own expectations and showing up how They need you! 

To me, that means it is my duty and promises to be open-minded and agile when it comes to people. For example, maybe I have a different view than a family member or friend – instead of arguing, trying to convince them of my view, or even shaming them or ending a relationship, I found it easier and better for everyone for each of us to have our own opinions and viewpoints and listening to others with different perspectives with a curious ear and open mind. 

Another example, I have found in my professional experience, is I cannot make anyone do anything, instead, they have to desire it, commit to it, and do it. However, I can show up for them how they need me to show up for them. Simply even communicating with people using their preferred modality is meeting people where they are. I have clients that do not respond to emails, so I text or call them. I have clients that may not want to participate in certain challenges in a group, so I do them individually with them. I have had people, broken, despaired, and spirling come to me for help guidance, and support – it’s always been the principle of learning what they need and providing only what they need at that time that has broken the cycle and pulled them out of strive and into thrive or even flourish. 

Meeting people where THEY are at, not where we want them to be, has proven to me to be the key to strong trusting relationships that are mutually beneficial both personally and professionally. 

Do you have a story where meeting someone where they are at made all the difference in that experience for you? We would LOVE to hear it! Please comment and share with us below. 

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