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#Awareness in 2022!

What’s your theme this year? Have you ever even thought about theming your years?

As entrepreneurs, we establish many healthy habits, workflows, skills, and tendencies that were developed with the intention to help us. Some of us ‘time-block’ and ‘day-theme’ throughout the week. Some of us set goals at many intervals. Some of us even establish guardrails or boundaries to keep us on track and moving forward. 

I personally do all of the above, but I also take it one step further… I ‘year’ theme! 

My personal theme for 2022 is #Awareness. Why is that important to me, you may ask?

#Awareness is typically the first step, the first step to recovery, making a change, and even feeling better in stressful situations. We can apply #Awareness as an overarching theme to everything we do. #Awareness of the direction we are taking our business, #Awareness of the kind of influence and impact we put out into the world, #Awareness of how we talk to people and what our priorities are, #Awareness in our relationships, and how we spend our time. To me, #Awareness applies to just about everything. 

Most importantly, with a simple focus of #Awareness, the power is put back in our hands to redirect when needed, ultimately making better decisions every day and getting better results! 

So, my goal this year is to apply #Awareness to my every feeling, my every decision, and my every venture. 

What’s your theme this year? Please comment below and tell us how you are diving into 2022 – can’t wait! 

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