MASTERCLASS opportunities


I participated in The Aspire Program under Trinity’s leadership, and it has been an incredible experience! Trinity has an amazing ability to see the big picture and help create an environment of truth and grace for entrepreneurs to truly thrive. I personally have been able to get a clearer picture of my gifts, my blindspots, who I serve in my business and some SYSTEMS to help my business scale more quickly! So thankful for Trinity, and how she’s using her gifts to help entrepreneurs like me!!

– J.B.

Your Program Includes:
-> Monthly Mastermind Gathering
-> 12 Foundational Entrepreneur Building Mini-lessons delivered through your client portal
-> Monthly Coaching and Strategy call with your facilitator
-> Monthly Accountability Partner check-ins with collaboration opportunities
-> Optional Speaker and Webinar presentations *registration required

Applying is the first step to evaluate if we are a good match. Participation is a serious decision. There is no fee to apply. However, becoming a member of The Aspire Program will require your time, commitment, and financial investment.

This 6-month program is open to women business owners and entrepreneurs and has limited slots. You must be willing to commit and be held accountable.

Attendance is required at each monthly Mastermind as well as participation in group forums. Monthly Masterminds and any additional interactions are all conducted virtually. You are encouraged to provide insight to your peers in the program as well as enlist the expertise of the group for your own ventures.

The foundation of The Aspire Program was inspired by self-regulation theory and built on 3 pillars: Personal Development, Professional Achievement, and Network Building & Support.

We believe that each of us has the power to change our state of being by altering our state of mind – we are all active participants in our own growth, development, and success by setting goals, applying learned strategies and skills both personally and professionally, and monitoring and influencing self-progress, perseverance, and success.

Each monthly Mastermind has a focus and will provide doable action items

that will help you step confidently into your goals.

Trinity was an answer to prayer and I knew it the day I met her! She invited me to participate in the best Mastermind; The Aspire Program (TAP). That Mastermind experience literally opened doors for me and I am beyond grateful. I don’t know what I would have done on many occasions because Trinity is a walking library! If you ever need direction or information about any online resource for your business, she is your GO TO. Best decision ever!

– B.C.

Trinity’s drive, knowledge, and inspiration made one of those significant first impressions a couple of years ago. I have had the privilege to follow and participate in her journey, most recently as a Mastermind participant in the Aspire Program. Her experiences, education and network of like-minded entrepreneurs and coaches bring much to the table to help other aspiring women in business.

– C.D.

We will meet you where you are!

We know the growing pains of starting and running a business and have created a program, jam-packed with value, that we can offer to you for a fraction of what it is WORTH!

Remember, tenacity is key!

If we quit now, we will end up right back where we first began.

When we first began, we were desperate to be where we are now.